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  • Oil-Soluble Paprika Oleoresin

    Paprika oleoresin, belonging to carotenoid, is a kind of oily liquid extracted from paprika. Its main components are capsanthin and capsorubin. Mainly used in foods like instant-noodles, biscuits, bak

  • Water-Soluble Paprika Oleoresin

    It is obtained by extraction, separation, refining and modification,and easily soluble in water. Color value: 60000cu Max.

  • Supercritical Paprika Oleoresin

    It is obtained by advanced supercritical CO2 extraction and a further processing product from ordinary paprika oleoresin. It is dark red oily liquid without unpleasant odor. Color value: 100000-20000

  • Capsicum Oleoresin

    It is a kind of natural hot sauce extracted, separated and refined from chillies. Its effective component is capsaicin and a few capsanthin as well. Mainly used as sauces and raw materials in food ind

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