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  • Monascus Red

    It is a kind of natural color extracted from natural monascus. Its main components are monascorubin, rubropunctatin and so on. Dark purple red powder with slight smell and easily soluble in neutral an

  • Purple Sweet Potato Red Color

    It is a kind of natural color extracted from purple sweet potato, belonging to anthocyanins. It is a red purple liquid or powder, can be easily dissolved in water and ethanol solution. It can be used

  • Red Cabbage Color

    It is a kind of natural color extracted from cabbage, and a mixture of various anthocyanins. Its main component is centaurin. It is purple red oleoresin or powder, and used as colorants in beverages,

  • Red Radish Color

    It is a kind of natural color obtained from red-heart radish by extracting and refining. Its main components are anthocyanins in pelargononidin. It is dark red liquid or powder and soluble in water an

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