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  • Oil-Soluble Paprika Oleoresin

    Paprika oleoresin, belonging to carotenoid, is a kind of oily liquid extracted from paprika. Its main components are capsanthin and capsorubin. Mainly used in foods like instant-noodles, biscuits, bak

  • Water-Soluble Paprika Oleoresin

    It is obtained by extraction, separation, refining and modification,and easily soluble in water. Color value: 60000cu Max.

  • Supercritical Paprika Oleoresin

    It is obtained by advanced supercritical CO2 extraction and a further processing product from ordinary paprika oleoresin. It is dark red oily liquid without unpleasant odor. Color value: 100000-20000

  • Capsicum Oleoresin

    It is a kind of natural hot sauce extracted, separated and refined from chillies. Its effective component is capsaicin and a few capsanthin as well. Mainly used as sauces and raw materials in food ind

  • Marigold Oleoresin

    It is obtained from marigold flowers by extracting and refining. Its main components are carotenoids like xanthophylls,oils and wax originally existed in plants. Widely used in foods, cosmetics, tobac

  • Supercritical Marigold Oleoresin

    It is obtained by advanced supercritical CO2 extraction and a further processing product from ordinary marigold oleoresin. It is wax-like solid, easily soluble in vegetable oils and organic solvents l

  • Food Grade Lutein Powder

    It is a kind of powder product refined from marigold oleoresin. It is mainly used in foods, medicines and health care products. Xanthophyll content: 5-90%

  • Lutein Oil

    It is obtained by dispersing and suspending high-purity lutein powder into vegetable oils by special techniques. It is orange yellow viscous oily products with characteristic odor, slightly soluble in

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